Angela Bassett

Green Lantern Movie Costume Revealed! UPDATED


Behold! The Green Lantern! Tomorrow's Issue of Entertainment Weekly will debut Green Lantern's movie costume to the world. Images have, of course, been leaked online. This image has met with both praise and disdain from hardcore and casual fans alike. One thing's certain, this cover is making a impact.

GL To Include The Department Of Extranormal Operations is reporting the presence of DC's "Department of Extranormal Operations" in the Green Lantern movie. Speculation is that the DEO will function as a cross-film tie-together for the DC film universe in the same way that S.H.I.E.L.D. does for the Marvel film universe.

Amanda Waller, played by Angela Bassett, has a long history working for the US government in the DC universe, it's not unreasonable to think that she could play a field agent or ranking official in the DEO.

Green Lantern Movie News Roundup!


There's been a lot of GL movie news and I haven't posted any of it... Time for a round-up! has posted some new set photos from Green Lantern, These ninja photos mostly show Ryan as Hal in some on-screen moments and some behind-the-scenes. There was also one image posted of Ryan and Director Martin Campbell.